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Product Update – More features and streamlined Review Accounts pages for Email Migrations

By Bern Clark on Jun 6, 2017

I am excited to announce updates to the “Review Accounts” pages in the SMB and Enterprise Migration Planners. We’ve made these changes based on , usability testing, and in-product analysis. These changes simplify the most common email configurations, streamline the most complex, and expand bulk edit capabilities to make changes across an entire Migration Project with just a few clicks. All the configuration capabilities you know and love are still available. Our team focuses on updates like these to simplify complex email migration projects, giving you the control that you need.

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Product Update - Updated device management from the Migration Dashboard

By Bern Clark on Aug 18, 2016

Desktop management is an ongoing challenge for any IT Manager. A primary benefit of moving to the Cloud is the reduction of IT infrastructure management costs, and many of the benefits of newer Microsoft operating systems and Office Pro Plus have been in the simplification of desktop and device management. It’s exciting to be part of the technology that is bringing these advances to business around the world with Office 365.

Managing end-users’ desktop devices when migrating email to Office 365 is an often-overlooked overhead in an Office 365 migration project. In order to successfully...

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Product Update - New Outlook Assistant Capabilities - Retry and Uninstall

By Bern Clark on Jun 28, 2016

Exciting news out of the Migration Suite team this week! There are some new features for the SkyKick Outlook Assistant that we're excited to share. We are providing partners the capability to retry Outlook reconfiguration when the Outlook Assistant encounters an error and to uninstall all Outlook Assistant devices once the migration is complete.

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SkyKick Migration Suites - 2015 in Review (part 2/2)

By Bern Clark on Apr 1, 2016

In Part 1, we shared key enhancements to the SkyKick Migration product, including the Hands-Free Migration Experience and tremendous International Growth. Below, in Part 2, we review the other 2015 improvements and look ahead to 2016.

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SkyKick Migration Suites - 2015 in Review (part 1/2)

By Bern Clark on Mar 30, 2016

Even though we’re almost through Q1 of 2015, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on our partners’ success last year and take a look ahead at the exciting things to come in 2016.2015 was an incredible year for Office 365 and also a great year for SkyKick’s Migration products and partners.  As you’ve probably heard us say, we are maniacally focused on helping our partners grow their Office 365 business by making their cloud practice more efficient and profitable. So over the past twelve months, we added dozens of time-saving features and hundreds of improvements to our migration...

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