Recent Posts from Harpreet Duggal, Sr Director of Product Marketing

Harpreet Duggal, Sr Director of Product Marketing
Harpreet Duggal is Sr. Director of Product Marketing at SkyKick. Lifelong technologist and software industry veteran. Passionate about helping SMBs and IT partners achieve greater profitability through GTM strategies that uncap product value.

A toast to partnership and innovation - top improvements for Partners in 2018

A SkyKick partnership is a two-way relationship, when you become a SkyKick Partner we become your Partner as well. And as your Partner, we'll do everything we can to help your business succeed.

SkyKick’s 100% partner-only business model means our success is entirely dependent on the success of our Partners. We see our Partners as true collaborators and work with them to innovate across product and business strategy; leading to even greater success in the cloud.

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Cloud Backup: Strengthen customer connection and reduce support costs with new self-service option

Our commitment to partner success

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Groups, Teams, and Modern Sites: SkyKick delivers data protection for collaboration scenarios of the future

SkyKick is committed to delivering the most comprehensive and partner-centric data protection across the Office 365 tenant. In an ever-evolving space like productivity, this means staying ahead of the puck on innovative collaboration apps and services as they emerge.

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SkyKick Cloud Backup - security enhancements; cross-mailbox and point-in-time restore scenarios

SkyKick is committed to delivering the most comprehensive data protection across the Office 365 tenant with the best partner experience and profitability. This requires that we constantly listen to and collaborate with our partners to improve the breadth and depth of usage scenarios that make our partners more useful. 

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Research shows why SkyKick partners are 2X as profitable and 94% will recommend SkyKick to their peers

At SkyKick, our north star is enabling IT partners to build more successful cloud practices and accelerate their profitability. That’s why a just-released research whitepaper by AMI-Partners hit close to home. The study researched over 100 MSPs to find patterns in how some are achieving faster growth and profitability in the cloud than others. We found several of the report’s findings to be both rewarding and highly aligned with what we hear from partners. Particularly including that 95% of partners using SkyKick solutions report a material increase in profitability when compared to other...

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Choosing the right Cloud Backup Solution for your MSP practice

While your clients might think that moving to Office 365 means automatically getting a built-in backup system, savvy MSPs know that this is not the case. Data loss happens in the cloud, as our previous blog on “The Role of Cloud Backup in Office 365” discussed, and it happens on a surprisingly regular basis. When a “Whoops! I didn’t mean to delete that email/folder/SharePoint site” moment happens, clients that have a robust, easily-accessed backup in place are quite a bit happier than those that do not.

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The role of Cloud Backup in Office 365

Cloud Backup is becoming a critical component within the cloud management service mix of most IT Solution Providers. Since business continuity and data protection are of paramount importance in a successful MSP practice, this blog seeks to:

  • Share a factual view of the various threats and underlying risks to data in the cloud.
  • Clarify the role of an Office 365 backup solution in a spectrum of related data protection approaches like BCDR, Archiving and Legal Hold.
  • Describe how SkyKick Cloud Backup fits the data protection needs for the customer, while creating more recurring revenue streams...
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