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Best practices for deploying the SkyKick Outlook Assistant

By Joshua Dowdy on Nov 28, 2017

SkyKick regularly updates the Outlook Assistant client and MSIs to work most effectively with Office 365 as it evolves. It is therefore best practice to download and use the most current version for each migration project (rather than using an MSI file saved from a previous migration). This optimizes performance and significantly reduces the potential for issues as the Outlook Assistant performs its various actions across a migration project.

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Product Update - Provide Individual End User password credentials for Office 365 email migrations directly in the Partner Portal

By Joshua Dowdy on Oct 3, 2017

As a Technical Account Manager, I get the opportunity to talk with our partners of all shapes and sizes and learn about their business practices and how they utilize the SkyKick platform to achieve their business goals. Our Product team collects loads of data and insights from my team’s conversations with partners to drive product updates. It’s exciting for our team to see updates, like this one, that really save our partners time and effort with their customers email migrations to Office 365.

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