Kyl Wellman - Team Profile

By Courtney Gold on Apr 7, 2017

What is your role at SkyKick?

I’m a DevOps engineer.  I respond to issues by diagnosing them, and then either resolving them or working with engineering teams to get them scheduled into a sprint. This allows us to improve our products’ reliability, while still being responsive to customer pain points.

What led you to SkyKick?

Before SkyKick, I was at an early-stage startup. It was exciting, but insanely stressful. We regularly worked 12-16 hour days, and constantly wondered if we would still have a job tomorrow. I really liked the energy and the impact I could make in a startup, but I wanted something more stable, with a reasonable work-life balance, and a reliable environment to grow my career. SkyKick was the perfect fit.

What do you enjoy most in your position?

My passion is learning how systems work, and writing code that is readable, maintainable, performant, and correct. At SkyKick I have enjoyed learning how our massive infrastructure works together. 

What challenges do you face in your role?

Trying to ramp up on a large, complicated codebase without writing a ton of code. One of our biggest challenges is working to use our Azure compute dollars more efficiently. We rely on Azure to do the heavy lifting of our migrations and our backups. In order to make our business profitable in the long-term, we need to be able to maximize the power we can get out of each unit of compute. 

What are some aspects of the work culture that you like?

Everyone trusts their co-workers. This empowers effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and team success. That, and we play a lot of Super Smash Bros and have a keg-erator.

What else can you tell us about yourself?

Favorite Pastimes: Beach volleyball! I’ve been playing in the Seattle area for the last five years or so. The climate isn’t ideal, but playing in the rain builds character. I also like to rock climb, ski, and play ice hockey. I’m happiest when I can balance my chair-focused career with staying active outside of work.

Superpower Choice: Manipulate gravity. You get all the perks of flying, plus you can move whatever objects you want however you want. The power is limitless!

Proudest Moment: Convincing someone on the internet that global warming is real. I used this xkcd comic, which sneakily cites academic sources:



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