SkyKick Migration Suites - 2015 in Review (part 2/2)

By Bern Clark on Apr 1, 2016

In Part 1, we shared key enhancements to the SkyKick Migration product, including the Hands-Free Migration Experience and tremendous International Growth. Below, in Part 2, we review the other 2015 improvements and look ahead to 2016.

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SkyKick Migration Suites - 2015 in Review (part 1/2)

By Bern Clark on Mar 30, 2016

Even though we’re almost through Q1 of 2015, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on our partners’ success last year and take a look ahead at the exciting things to come in 2016.2015 was an incredible year for Office 365 and also a great year for SkyKick’s Migration products and partners.  As you’ve probably heard us say, we are maniacally focused on helping our partners grow their Office 365 business by making their cloud practice more efficient and profitable. So over the past twelve months, we added dozens of time-saving features and hundreds of improvements to our migration...

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