Partner Spotlight: Big Green IT

By Ken Jackson on Oct 24, 2018

A few months ago, Big Green IT’s account rep received a call from a panicked client. They discovered that a now-former employee, who’d held an important position within the company, deleted his entire email mailbox shortly before his employment was terminated. Losing the contents of that mailbox would have a material impact on the company, they needed to know what were their options were for recovery.

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Partner Spotlight: Integrated IT

By Ken Jackson on Sep 25, 2018

Boston-based Integrated IT is an award-winning firm that offers a range of IT services, all designed to complement and support each other. While their expertise includes security and compliance, telephony, and business applications-based project work, first and foremost they’re a managed services provider. Hundreds of organizations rely on Integrated IT as their “in-house IT department” or to augment their actual in-house IT staff. Supporting Office 365 is an important part of this.

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Partner Spotlight: General Networks Corporation

By Ken Jackson on May 29, 2018

General Networks Corporation in Glendale, California is on a mission. Their goal: To use technology to provide value and lasting change.

While this is a pretty broad directive, General Networks’ divisions— Professional Services and Managed Services, each have their own unique way of providing that value. Whether the customer wants to keep their IT systems on-premises or in the cloud, General Networks provides solutions for customers that value their own data and their employees’ experience with technology.

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Magnitech Solutions Partner Spotlight

By Ken Jackson on Mar 6, 2018

The team of IT experts at Magnitech Solutions, Inc. in Naperville, Illinois prides itself on providing “white glove” service to clients, who get to enjoy all of the benefits of working with an enterprise-strength IT department but at a fraction of the cost. Their  managed IT services include -site and remote support, cloud services, project work, virtual CIO and more, providing clients a single point of contact to address all of their IT issues.

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Platte River Networks Partner Spotlight

By Ken Jackson on Feb 21, 2018

David DeCamillis, VP of Sales & Marketing at Denver’s Platte River Networks, cringes at the word “outsource.” When it comes to describing the firms’ relationships with its customers, he feels that “insource” is more accurate.

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